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Energy You Spray On Your Skin

EURO 19.00

All the Benefits of Caffeine Without the Stuff You Hate.

Why Spray:

  • Smooth natural feeling energy without the sacrifices [upset stomach, crash, jitters, etc.]
  • No sugar, calories, crash, stained teeth, or questionable ingredients
  • Just 3 simple ingredients - Caffeine, Water, Tyrosine ( a derivative of a natural amino acid) Energy you control (spray once for a little energy - more for a bigger boost)

What Else:

  • Fully certified, tested, and manufactured in a US CGMP Facility
  • Developed by an industry leading PhD in Chemistry and housed in Stanford University’s StartX Startup Program
  • Energy for a fraction of the cost (85% cheaper than energy drinks or coffee)
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  • Certified Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Manufactured in


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Smooth, Focused Energy

Sprayable gives you smooth, more natural feeling energy (more like you just woke up, and less Iike a half-awake overcaffeinated zombie.) That's because Sprayable enters your system gradually, giving you a steady amount of energy exactly when you need it, and nothing more

Highly Portable and Convenient

Each little bottle of Sprayable contains 25+ uses (100 sprays). It is small enough to fit in your pocket, a purse, or a glove compartment, and lets you take your energy anywhere you go. You can literally energize in seconds and get back to doing what's important.

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An Amazing Value

Because you can carry your energy with you, Sprayable helps you avoid spending a ton of money every time you need energy. Instead of buying a $12.00 energy drink at a club, or a $8.00 lukewarm latte at an airport, you pay just pennies per use.

  • Twist the bottle open
  • Spray it 4 to 6 times on your neck
  • And you're done. Go enjoy all that extra energy!

Sprayable Energy contains just 3 ingredients:

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    A natural amino acid produced by the body
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    Used for thousands of years for energy
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    mother earth

Caffeine is a pretty amazing thing. It’s been used for literally thousands of years throughout history, by countless different cultures and generations. In our current society, caffeine takes center stage: it’s a rarity to find someone who doesn’t use caffeine on a regular basis, and nigh impossible to find a single person who’s never used caffeine.

What’s even more amazing, however, is that in all these thousands of years of taking caffeine, very little has changed. So much technology and progress has come with time, and yet almost none of it has been applied towards caffeine.

When we realized this, it shocked us. And we knew there had to be a better way to get the caffeine we needed…so we went out and made it.

What we came up with was the world’s first topical caffeine spray, with a wide host of advantages over existing solutions. Effectively Caffeine 2.0, Sprayable Energy introduces a radically new way of getting your caffeine: smoothly and gradually over time, without the roller coaster ride of jitters and crashes you know and hate with current energy products.

Sprayable Energy absorbs through the skin at a steady pace, which means that unlike traditional energy products, your body doesn’t get a huge jolt of energy all at once and then a crash later, but just smooth, focused energy that let’s you get down to work and do what’s important without feeling like an over caffeinated zombie.

What’s more, Sprayable skips the digestive system completely - so no more upset stomachs, heartburn, or digestive issues of any kind. Get the energy you need, without all the side effects you don’t need.

With all the benefits of Sprayable Energy over existing products, you might be wondering why it took people so long to come up with this. Well, Sprayable Energy is the world’s first topical caffeine spray for a reason. While caffeine’s ability to permeate the skin has been long documented, its solubility in water is much more lacking.

As such, we had to invent a non-trivial breakthrough in increasing caffeine’s solubility in a completely safe, aqueous solution before we were able to deliver it effectively through the skin. Thankfully, we were able to do just that, and that’s why you have Sprayable Energy today. Go out and enjoy!

Relevant research:

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  4. Blood-brain barrier transport of caffeine: dose-related restriction of adenine transport
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Our active ingredient is caffeine, which can actually naturally enter your body through the skin by passing through cell membranes (caffeine is very structurally similar to nicotine which also easily passes through cell membranes, if you've ever seen a nicotine patch).

So what's our breakthrough?

Well, it turns out caffeine isn't very soluble in water, and so it's difficult to transport enough caffeine in a spray to have a significant effect. After months of research, we discovered we could increase caffeine's solubility five fold by using a simple derivative of a naturally produced amino acid, tyrosine.

Thus, our patent pending technology opens up a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to energizing as effectively as possible without all the drawbacks and side effects.


frequently asked questions

The Sprayable Energy product is clear and unscented. Apart from the boost of energy, you won't even notice it's there.

Being a topical product, Sprayable will get washed off if you come in significant contact with water after application. If you are planning on taking a shower or swimming, it's best to use Sprayable either an hour or more in advance, or after the conclusion of your excursion in water.

Due to the regulatory nature of our product and the fact that all of our ingredients are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) we aren't required to run clinical testing on the product. We have however run in vitro (testing through external cell membranes) and in vivo (high performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry) blood testing on humans. We have also run skin patch testing and stability testing on our product formulation to test for quality, skin irritation, and safety.

We are patent pending.

The FDA doesn't approve products in our regulatory classification. However, all of our ingredients are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and we manufacture Sprayable in an FDA-certified facility in the USA.

After spraying, you will feel awake and focused without being over-stimulated as is common with coffee and energy drinks. Since our product enters your system gradually over a period of several hours, you wont have the "buzz" that you get from caffeine products you drink (or the crash afterwards).

Spray up to six times within four hours and no more than twenty four times total per day. In the unlikely circumstance that you experience any sort of side effect, discontinue use of the product immediately.

With regular use (<24 sprays daily), there should be no side effects at all unless you are allergic to caffeine. At extreme doses, the effects are the same as drinking too much coffee.

No. Our product is intended to be sprayed on the skin, Ike perfume or cologne. Under no circumstances should it be ingested.

While using our spray with multiple high-caffeine energy drinks is not recommended, having soft drinks, coffee or tea in moderation with our product isn't dangerous. That said, we like to play it safe and do not recommend utilizing multiple sources of caffeine intake at one time. This will only push you further away from the ideal of being awake and focused and towards being jittery and overstimulated.